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City Clerk

County Information

Clerk of Courts, Wisconsin Rapids

Divorce Judgements, Alimony Records, Mechanics Liens, State Income Tax Liens, Notary Public, Deputy Sheriff, Constable Court and Jury and Commissioners, Certificates of Conviction.

County Clerk’s Office – Wisconsin Rapids

County Board Records, Marriage Licenses, Elections, County Finance, Teachers College Records, Accounting and Payroll Records, Senate and Assembly Bills, Farmland Preservation Agreement Filing.

County Judges, Marshfield

Circuit Courts, Probate of Wills, Ancillary, Probate, Administrations, Certificates of Termination, Joint Tenancy, Descent, Life, Estate, Summary Settlement, Motor Vehicle Orders for Transfer, Guardianships, Trust, Adoptions, Admission to University Hospital, Infirmary, T.B. Sanitariums, Commitments for Mentally Ill, Mentally Infirm, Retarded Children, Inebriates, Juvenile Court Hearing, Criminal Matters, Divorces.

County Treasurer’s Office, Wisconsin Rapids

Real Estate Tax, Tax Description and Plat Maps, Tax Deeded Property and Tax Sales, County and Private Forest Crop Lands.

Division of Aging – 3rd Floor, Marshfield

Nutrition Program for Elderly (lunch together), Jitneys, Craft Shop, Home Delivered Meals, Escort Service and Newsletter.

Register of Deeds Office, Wisconsin Rapids

Deeds and Mortgages, Land Contracts, etc., Chattel Mortgages Condition Sales Contracts, Bills of Sale, Copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates, Soldiers Discharge.

Social Services Department – 4th Floor, Marshfield

Social Service Payments for aid to families with dependent children and adults, General Relief, Medical Assistance (XIX), Food Stamps, Financial Assistance for families thru AFDC, Foster Care for children, Residential Treatment for children and child welfare services to Juvenile Court.

Veterans Service Office – 3rd Floor, Marshfield

Veterans & Dependents Claims, G.I. Insurance, Loans, Schooling and Training, Photo Copy of Discharge, Burial Allowance, Grave Stone, Hospitalization, Federal and State, Grants, State and County.

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City Clerk

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