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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 10. Public Peace and Good Order

Sec. 10-132. Use of sidewalks.

(1) Policy established. The board of public works shall establish a policy governing temporary sidewalk closing. The city engineer shall administer the policy. No person shall close, block or cause to be blocked any sidewalk in the City of Marshfield with vehicles, equipment, material storage, dumpsters, excavation, scaffolding, or any other item without a permit from the city engineer.

(2) Sale of merchandise on festival days. Persons displaying or selling merchandise on city sidewalks shall be permitted only in compliance with the following:

  1. Such person displays or sells merchandise customarily sold by him or her on or from the sidewalk immediately adjacent to his or her regular place of business, or and with the consent of the owner or occupant of the business place adjacent to the sidewalk. Sales shall only be permitted on days specified and authorized by the chief of police or his designee.
  2. A clear space is provided for pedestrian travel of not less than one-half of the width of the sidewalk or a minimum of four feet, whichever is greater.
  3. The sidewalk shall be cleared of all merchandise, produce and other wares, and all paper and debris within one hour after the close of business on each day and left in a clean, sanitary condition, and such sidewalk shall be cleared entirely and left in a clean, sanitary condition within one hour after the close of business on the last day concerned. No merchandise, produce, other wares, paper or debris shall be swept, shoveled or dumped into the street.
  4. Such displays or sales shall be restricted as to the number of days in each year, designated by the department of public works, at the request of the mayor or the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.