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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 13. Public Works

Sec. 13-66. Obstructions and encroachments.

(1) Prohibited. No person shall encroach upon or obstruct or encumber any street, alley, sidewalk, public grounds or land dedicated to public use, or any part thereof, or permit such encroachment or encumbrance to be placed or remain on any public way adjoining the premises of which he is the owner or occupant, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section. No person shall prohibit or obstruct the flow of water in any ditch, sewer, gutter or culvert in, along or across any street, alley, lane, sidewalk or natural surface drain in the city.

(2) Exceptions. The prohibitions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to the following:

  1. Signs and clocks attached to buildings which project not more than six feet from the face of such building and which do not extend at any point lower than ten feet above the sidewalk, street or alley.
  2. Awnings which do not extend at any point lower than seven feet above the sidewalk, street or alley.
  3. Public utility encroachments authorized by the city.
  4. Goods, wares, merchandise or fixtures being loaded or unloaded which do not extend more than three feet on a sidewalk, provided such goods, wares, etc., do not remain thereon for more than three hours.
  5. Building materials when a permit therefor has been issued by the director of public works. Such permission shall be granted for periods not to exceed four months.
  6. Debris resulting from automobiles which have been wrecked or damaged, if the owner or operator removes such debris within 12 hours of the accident. (g) Newspaper vending boxes, provided, however, that such boxes shall not be installed within four feet of any public or private driveway, shall not exceed a size reasonably necessary to effect their purpose, shall be placed at either the outside or inside edge of the sidewalk, if a sidewalk is available, and shall be limited to one such box for any newspaper publication on any street between two intersecting streets. The owner of such boxes shall provide liability insurance covering personal injury and property damage which might or could result from the establishment of such boxes in an amount of $25,000.00/50,000.00 for personal injury and $5,000.00 for property damage; such policies shall name the City of Marshfield as an additional insured, and a certificate of insurance showing the existence of such policy, containing not less than a ten-day cancellation provision, shall be filed with the city clerk. Such insurance policy shall describe the location of the box covered by the policy, and the city shall be furnished a copy of such policy, or the description of such location shall be included in the certificate of insurance referred to in this subsection.

(Code 1982, 8.06)