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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 13. Public Works

Sec. 13-98. Determination of assessments for street paving on corner lots.

The following shall apply to the owner of a corner lot subject to assessments for street paving:

(1) Such owner shall only be required to make principal payments on one assessment at a time; such owner shall begin making payments of principal on the second assessment during the first full year following payment in full of the first assessment, or during the year following the date when the first assessment was due to be paid in full, whichever comes first. Payments on the second assessment shall be due on the same day of each year as payments on the first assessment.

(2) The interest rate on such assessment shall be the same interest rate as is established in the final resolution for the project, and shall be calculated as simple interest. The first of such interest payments shall be due on the first day of the month immediately following completion of the project.

(3) The effect of this section shall be retroactive and shall apply to all owners of corner lots who are presently paying assessments for street paving, upon written request by such owners to the city clerk.