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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 14. Municipal Utilities

Sec. 14-101. Water pipe, value and fitting requirements.

(1) Materials. All water pipes placed and connected to a city water main shall be of copper or cast iron, continuous from the city mains to the owner's premises. In the case of copper pipe used for services, it shall be installed by the plumber providing a loop for expansion adjacent to the corporation valve as a safeguard against breakage. Curb stops and valve boxes shall be provided in the water service pipe and in case of leaks or defects, shall be replaced by a new valve at the owner's expense. Any leaks reported to the property owner not repaired within three days shall be repaired by the water department and charged against the owner's property. Cast iron pipe used for a customer service shall be a minimum size of standard four-inch cast iron pipe from the connection to the city main to the curb stop. This may be reduced in size beyond the valve and on the owner's property at his discretion.

(2) Replacement of pipe when street paving. Before placing of any permanent paving upon any street in the city, the owners of any lot or parcel of land abutting upon such street who have laid or maintained any wrought iron or galvanized water main shall, upon notice from the manager of the water department, remove such service pipe from the city water main and replace the iron service pipe with a type K copper service, conforming to the provision of subsection (1) of this section. Property owners having vacant lots abutting on any new proposed paving project shall install a copper pipe extending from the city mains to the property line at their own expense. This service pipe shall be plugged or valved. If any owner so notified fails or neglects to replace such pipe five days after receipt of such notice, the water department shall do the work, and charge the cost thereof to the property owner, to be collected in the tax of the year that the work has been done.

(3) Replacement of private mains. Where property owners are taking water from private galvanized mains that parallel the regular water main on the same street, they shall, upon written notice from the water department, change to the regular city water mains, using type K copper pipe.

(4) Trenching or digging. No person except a licensed digger or a contractor engaged in laying water mains shall do any trenching or digging within a street right-of-way, to lay or repair service lines or make private main extensions. These provisions shall not apply in emergencies. Trenching done by the city on private property shall be paid by the property owner.

(5) Tapping into main. The city shall supply the corporation valve and make the tap into the main when property owners are making connections, the cost thereof to be charged to such property owner.

(6) Damage or defects to curb stops or boxes. Maintenance and repair to curb stops or boxes and the cost thereof shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property on which the curb stops or boxes are located. The water department shall, at its own expense, make necessary repairs to leaky service lines between mains and the street side of the curb stop. Where an old service has been installed without a curb stop, responsibility shall be determined as the edge of the traveled portion of the street nearest the property line, and when a repair is necessary, a curb stop shall be installed and charged to the property owner.

(7) Shutoff at curb stop. If a property owner wishes to have water shut off at the curb stop or locking valve, the water department shall shut off and turn on the water at no charge to the property owner.

(8) Installation of meters. Meters shall be installed in accordance with the following:

  1. The water department shall not be held liable for any damage to piping where the meters are screwed directly into the piping. The proper meter gap shall be brought out for a meter installation, including the tailpieces provided with the meter.
  2. Consumers or property owners where meters are located within the building shall not cover the meters or place obstructions that may prevent convenient access to the meter by water department employees to read or make repairs. Property owners shall provide a proper well or pit suitable and sufficient to accommodate the installation of outside water meters at their own expense.
  3. All new buildings shall be equipped with outside meter reading devices, which shall be installed at the expense of the water department.

(9) Frostproof box, when required. The property owner shall at his own expense install a frostproof box or container where it is necessary to protect the water meter from damage. All damage to water meters found frozen or otherwise shall be charged to the property owner.

(10) Backfilling. The plumbers shall properly backfill all excavation on water services so that there is no ditch left due to the settling of the earth.

(11) Access for inspection of defects. The water department shall have access to any industrial, commercial or resident building to inspect leaks or defects on water services or the change and repair of water meters on the owner or owner's premises.

(Code 1982, 13.30)