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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 14. Municipal Utilities

Sec. 14-66. Sewer connections.

(1) Connections to public sewers. Every existing building with installed plumbing fixtures and intended for human occupancy, located adjacent to a street in which there is public sewer service, shall be connected to the public sewer by means of individual connections or private interceptor mains, except as provided by subsection (5) of this section. Any connection to available sewer services delayed by a moratorium on sewer connections will be completed within 60 days of the termination of such moratorium.

(2) Payment of fees. Payment of fees shall be as follows:

  1. No person shall connect, cause or allow to be connected to any sewer main in the city without first paying to the city a fee established by the board of public works and approved by the council.
  2. Such fee shall be paid at the time the sewer connection permit is obtained and shall be in addition to any other charges, permits or fees already established, except as hereinafter provided. Such fees shall be credited to the wastewater utility account.

(3) Connection requirements. Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, there shall be no connection, either by a sewer or by other means, between a public sanitary sewer and an excavation or basement for any structure until the structure is completely roofed and the excavation around the basement is backfilled to grade. Backfill may be omitted in the area in which the sanitary sewer connection is to be made.

(4) Extensions. The plumbing inspector shall provide permits and allow for the extension of a sanitary sewer and water lateral from the street mains to a structure provided the structure end of the sanitary sewer is effectively plugged against the entrance of clear water and debris with a device as has been approved by the board.

(5) New connections. New connections to the city's sanitary sewer system will be allowed only if there is available capacity in all of the downstream wastewater collection and treatment facilities.

(Code 1982, 13.24; Ord. No. 1096, 1, 3-27-2007)