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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 14. Municipal Utilities

Sec. 14-69. Amount of sewer service charges.

(1) Sewer service charge unit costs. The unit costs for the sewer service charge system are as follows:

  1. Category A sewer service charge. The sewer service charge for category A sewer users is as follows:
  2.  Effective 01/01/12Effective 01/01/13
     Fixed monthly charge$17.80$18.15
     Volume charge$3.63/100 cu. ft. 
    $4.85/1000 gal.
    $3.78/100 cu. ft.
    $5.05/1000 gal. 
  3. Category B sewer service charge. The sewer service charge for category B sewer users is as follows:
  4.  Effective 01/01/12Effective 01/01/13
    Fixed monthly charge$17.80$18.15
    Volume charge$3.63/100 cu. ft$3.78/100 cu. ft. 
    BOD greater than 200/mg/l$0.59/lb. $0.61/lb. 
    Suspended solids greater than 250 mg/l$0.51/lb. $0.53/lb. 
    TKN greater than 40 mg/l$0.85/lb. $0.81/lb. 
    P greater than 7 mg/l$6.96/lb. $7.09/lb. 

(2) Category B limitations and penalties. Category B limitations and penalties shall be as follows:

  1. The calculated pounds of five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) discharged by category B sewer users to the city's wastewater collection and treatment facilities shall be limited to 1,600 pounds per day based on a 24-hour flow proportional composite sample (milligrams per liter) analysis and the user's measured volume.
  2. If the category B sewer user exceeds the BOD limit on any given day during the billing period, the city shall assess a penalty charge to the category B sewer user for exceeding the limit on each of those given days during the billing period. The penalty charge shall be two times the amount of BOD surcharge established pursuant to this section. This penalty charge shall be assessed to any BOD measured above 200 mg/l on those days that the BOD limit was exceeded by the category B sewer user and shall apply to that portion not already assessed in volume charge.
  3. In addition, the category B sewer user is subject to any penalties or fines pursuant to ss. 14-37 and 14-73 of this Code, which are deemed appropriate by the city as a result of exceeding the BOD limitation.

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