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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 15. Buildings and Building Regulations

Sec. 15-04. Unsafe buildings.

(1) Removal of hazards. Whenever the building services supervisor finds any building or structure or any part thereof is dangerous to life, health or adjoining property by reason of its bad condition, defective construction, overloaded floors, decay, lack of guards against fire, general dilapidated condition or other cause, he shall order the owner or tenant thereof to cause the building or structure or part thereof to be made safe or removed; and he shall also affix a notice of such order in a conspicuous place on the outside wall of the building, and no person shall remove or deface such notice. The owner or tenant of such building or structure shall thereupon immediately cause the building or structure to be made safe, or to be removed, as ordered. Any person who fails to comply with any such order shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this chapter. For the purposes of this subsection, the provisions of 66.0413 Wis. Stats. insofar as applicable, except the penalty provisions, are adopted by reference with the same effect as if set forth in full in this section.

(2) Emergency removal of hazards. When the public safety requires immediate action, the building services supervisor shall enter upon the premises with such assistance as may be necessary and cause the building or structure to be made safe or to be removed and the expense of such work may be recovered by the city in an action against the owner or tenant. The fire department shall give all reasonable assistance to the building services supervisor in such work.

(Code 1982, 14.06)