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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 16. Plumbing

Sec. 16-26. Construction of sanitary sewer laterals.

(1) All gravity flow sanitary sewer laterals constructed, altered or installed in the city shall be four-inch minimum in size, and shall be made out of either cast iron, PVC plastic, or ABS plastic material.

(2) The term "sanitary sewer lateral" as used in this section shall mean any drain used for transmitting sewage from outside of any foundation or other wall to the sanitary sewer main.

(3) Unless prevented by topography, each buildable lot must have a separate sanitary sewer lateral connected directly to a public sanitary sewer constructed in the street right-of-way adjacent to the buildable lot.

(4) Sanitary sewer laterals shall not be connected into manholes unless approved by the city engineer.

(Code 1982, 15.09; Ord. No. 998, 4, 5, 10-27-2003)

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