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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-03. Definitions.

The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Beginning electrician trainee or helper means a person defined and certified by the State of Wisconsin.

Electrical contractor means a person defined and certified by the State of Wisconsin.

Electrical work means the installation of all equipment, wiring, materials, fittings, devices, appliances, fixtures and apparatus used for the production, modification, regulations, control, distribution, utilization or safeguarding of electrical energy for mechanical, chemical, cosmetic, heating, lighting or similar purposes as covered by the scope of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Industrial/commercial/institutional employer means those firms that employ a minimum of 50 employees, except by special permission of the electrical board. These firms may choose to have employees who perform electrical work in the course of their employment. These firms shall apply to the electrical board for status as one of these employers and shall include a list of all such designated employees. An update of this list shall be sent yearly to the electrical inspector. All electrical work performed by such persons shall be subject to permits and inspections as outlined elsewhere in this chapter.

Industrial/commercial/institutional maintenance electrician may be a journeyman electrician as defined by this chapter or shall be a person who is identified as such by an industrial/commercial/institutional employer. This person shall be deemed qualified by the employer and shall perform electrical work as necessary for the employer. This person shall be regularly employed, be under the direct supervision of, and perform work only for the employer of record at the place of business. The electrical board does not assume any responsibility for the qualifications of these persons, but for just cause may deny this status for a particular individual.

Journeyman electrician means a person who is defined and certified by the State of Wisconsin.

Master electrician means a person defined and certified by the State of Wisconsin.

Municipal granted electrical license means a license qualified by and granted by the City of Marshfield before the State of Wisconsin's certification program. These licenses retain their classifications as long as the holder maintains and renews these licenses as outlined in this chapter.

Plant electrician means a journeyman electrician as defined in this chapter, regularly employed and whose electrical work for such employer is limited exclusively to the plant or shop of the employer.

(Code 1982, 16.05; Ord. No. 947, 1(16.05), 11-12-2001)