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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-37. Creation of offices, qualifications and duties.

(1) Offices created. There are hereby created the offices of electrical inspector and deputy electrical inspector.

(2) How appointed. The council shall appoint the electrical inspector, and may appoint a deputy electrical inspector, upon the recommendation of the board of electrical examiners.

(3) Qualifications. The persons chosen to fill the offices of electrical inspector and deputy electrical inspector shall be of good moral character, possessed of such executive ability requisite for the proper performance of their duties and shall have a thorough knowledge of the standard materials and methods used in the installation of electrical equipment to provide safety to persons and property; the Wisconsin Statutes relating to electrical work; and any rules, ordinances and regulations issued by authority thereof and under the National Electrical Code. They shall meet the qualifications and be certified as a commercial electrical inspector by the State of Wisconsin within six months of being hired.

(4) Duties. It shall be the duty of the electrical inspector and the deputy electrical inspector to enforce the provisions of this chapter. Complete records of all permits issued and inspections made and other official work performed under the provisions of this chapter shall be kept by them and so arranged as to afford prompt information concerning electrical installations.

(5) Inspection. The electrical inspector and deputy electrical inspector and all assistants acting by their orders shall have the right, during reasonable hours, to enter any public or private building, structure, premises or subways in the discharge of their official duties, for the purpose of making any inspection or test of electrical wires, appliances, equipment and devices contained therein.

  1. They shall be given prompt access to any premises upon notification to the proper person in authority thereof. The electrical inspector or deputy electrical inspector may inspect all the electrical installations and apparatus in the factories, mills, shops, and other places of occupancy in the city and when such installations or apparatus are found to be in a dangerous condition, they shall notify the person owning, using, operating or installing the electrical installations and apparatus to place them in a safe condition.
  2. Any person failing or refusing to make the necessary repairs and failing to have the repairs completed within 15 calendar days after the receipt of such notice shall forfeit and pay into the city treasury the sum of $50.00 for each day which shall elapse after the expiration of such period.
  3. The electrical inspector shall be permitted to order the discontinuance of electrical service to such defective installations or apparatuses until they have been repaired, removed, or changed as directed by the electrical inspector, subject to the limitations of this chapter.
  4. An inspection shall be made as soon as is practical if a complaint is made by a tenant, the municipal electric utility, or other concerned citizen on problems of an electrical nature.

(6) Authority. The electrical inspector and/or deputy electrical inspector shall have the general management and control of all matters pertaining to electrical inspections and enforcement of relevant law, to include authority to cause the turning off of all electrical currents to any equipment which they find to be in an unsafe condition, and to cut off or discontinue electrical services in case of emergency and where such electrical currents are dangerous to life or where such currents may interfere with the work of the fire department. No person shall reconnect any equipment thus cut off until written permission is obtained from the electrical inspector or a designated representative. The electrical inspector or the deputy shall have the authority to enter all buildings and premises and all parts thereof, in order to make an inspection, or test the electrical apparatus or wiring therein or thereon in order to enforce the regulations of this chapter. The issuance of a valid electrical permit shall also constitute permission to inspect the premises where electrical work is being performed. Refusal to allow reasonable inspections shall constitute grounds for revocation of the permit and any electrical work shall no longer be continued. The electrical inspector and/or deputy electrical inspector or their authorized agent shall have the power to issue citations enforcing this chapter and nuisances under chapter 11 of this Code in the Marshfield Municipal Court.

(Code 1982, 16.04; Ord. No. 1031, 5, 10-12-2004)