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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-41. Permits.

(1) Permit applications. Permits shall be required for all electrical work done or performed in the city by those homeowners who are allowed to wire by section 17-44 of this chapter. Any electrical work performed on electrical services, including repairs; or any wiring for fire alarm or asset protection systems, including changes to existing systems, shall require an electrical permit. All other electrical work performed in the city that has a minimum dollar value of $350.00 for parts and labor shall require a permit. All permits shall be issued by the electrical inspector upon the filing of a proper application by the person proposing to perform the work on forms furnished by the inspector. Applications shall describe the nature of the work to be performed, include an electrical wiring plan, and such other information as may be required by the inspector. No electrical work shall be done until such permit has been obtained. A facsimile (fax) permit form signed by a representative of a municipal licensed electrical contracting firm that is sent to the electrical inspector's office shall be considered as proper application for a permit. Electrical wiring for all new buildings and additions to buildings shall require a permit no matter the value of the work.  All electrical permit fees shall be paid for and wiring plan(s) approved before a permit application is considered to be valid and a permit issued for the work as described. An electrical permit shall expire six months after it is issued unless significant progress has been made toward completion of the project for which the permit was issued. The electrical inspector may grant a six-month extension on this initial permit.

(2) Required. Permits shall be required for all electrical work and required inspections of existing facilities, including but not limited to:

  1. Wiring for light, heat or power in any building or structure.
  2. Installing fixtures in any building or structure.
  3. Installing any motors.
  4. Any service entrance and all electrical openings.
  5. The extension or alteration of any existing circuit.
  6. Primary and secondary wiring of electric signs, both indoor and outdoor.
  7. Electric billboards and signboards.
  8. Field-installed neon skeleton signs or field-installed neon outline lighting.
  9. Wiring of all elevators, both freight and passenger.
  10. Replacing or repairing an old or existing service.
  11. Temporary wiring, including temporary electrical services, on new or remodeled buildings. The application for this permit shall state the length of time for which such temporary work shall exist. Such permit shall be granted for not more than 60 days, but such period may be extended in writing by the electrical inspector. The permittee shall be responsible for any hazards or dangers that might exist during the period of this temporary wiring, and shall remove all such temporary wiring upon the expiration of the period.
  12. All fire alarm and asset protection system wiring including any changes to existing systems.

(3) Not required. No permit shall be required for the following:

  1. The manufacturing, assembling, repairing or testing of listed electrical equipment for which no license is required.
  2. Minor repairs of cords, flush snap switches, replacing fuses, or repairing luminaires.
  3. The installation of any plug-in appliances of less than 1,500 watts.
  4. Any electrical work not covered by the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code or the National Electrical Code, that is done or performed by the city electric department in the normal and ordinary course of utility business or operations.
  5. Direct replacement due to damage or defect of any existing individual receptacle, switch, lighting fixture, or motor on an existing branch circuit. This replacement shall not constitute changes to the branch circuit that supplies these devices other than small changes to permit this direct change.
  6. Rewinding or replacing electric motors.
  7. Connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting or repairing any cord-connected appliance which has been approved by a nationally recognized testing agency, the Department of Safety and Professional Services, or the electrical inspector.
  8. Electrical work completed by listed sign installers or HVAC/appliance installers under 17-38(3) or 17-38(4)(b). All new circuit wiring or new circuit extensions to these electrical items shall be subject to the licensing, permit, and inspection provisions of this chapter.

(4) Fees. Fees for the permits required to be obtained as set forth above shall be as follows, and they shall be paid to the City of Marshfield prior to the issuance of any such permits:

  1.  All residential.
    1. Minimum electrical permit fee = $30.00
    2. New construction and additions five cents per square foot of building construction.
    3. Remodeling and alterations 2% of electrical construction cost.
    4. Residential (single-family, owner occupied) one bathroom, kitchen or laundry room remodel done by owner.  See Section 15-03(2) e.
    5. Residential service upgrades = $40.00
  2. Commercial, industrial, institutional and miscellaneous.
    1. Minimum electrical permit fee = $30.00
    2. $0 - $500.00 = $30.00
    3. $500.01 - $2,500.00 = $30.00 plus 1.25% over $500
    4. $2,500.01 - $25,000.00 = $55.00 plus .75% over $2,500
    5. $25,000.01 - $250,000.00 = $223.75 plus .5% over $25,000
    6. Over $250,000.00 = $1,348.75 plus 0.3% over $250,000
  3. All temporary services = $35.00
  4. Mobile home connection fees = $30.00
  5. All carnival or circus operations = $125.00 per event for the duration of the event as stated on the approved permit.
  6. Swimming pools = $40.00
  7. Failure to obtain an electrical permit prior to commencing work = $100.00 or double permit fee whichever is more, except for emergency work.

(5)  Work Halted.  The Electrical Inspector shall have the authority to order any work halted where no permit has been obtained, if required, except in cases of emergency, in which case the permit must be obtained the next business day.

(6)  Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Employer's Log.  Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Employers as defined by Section 17.03 shall keep a written log of all electrical work performed requiring a permit as outlined in this Section.  All electrical work projects that cost under $2,500.00 for time and material shall be totaled once a month.  A permit and a copy of that month's log shall be filed with the Electrical Inspector by the fifteenth day of the following month.  Permits shall be filed with the Electrical Inspector on electrical work projects costing over $2,500.00 for time and material before work is commenced.

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