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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-43. Electrical inspection.

(1) Notification. Upon completion of the performance of any electrical work for which a permit is required under the terms of this chapter, and before any such work is hidden from view, the permittee shall notify the electrical inspector's office. The inspector shall inspect such work within two business days after such notice is received. If the inspector determines that such work fully complies with all applicable codes, and is otherwise safe, he or she shall approve the work. The work can then be covered and/or completed. If the inspector determines that the work is otherwise than in compliance with this subsection, he or she shall order the permittee to make such changes or additions as may be necessary, to be completed within a period of ten days. When such changes or additions have been made, the electrical inspector shall be notified, and shall reinspect the work. The inspector's office shall be notified at least two business days before covering any wiring or before occupancy takes place for work completed under provisions of this chapter.

(2) Reinspection. The electrical inspector shall have the authority to reinspect any electrical work wherever and whenever he or she deems it necessary.

(3) Scheduling. All requests for inspection shall be made to the inspector by 12:00 noon for inspection two business days prior to the requested inspection. No inspections shall be made on Sundays or legal holidays, unless the inspector deems it necessary.

(4) Red tags. Red tags, furnished by the city bearing the owner's name, address, and violation needing correction, shall be attached to all electrical work needing correction. These tags shall not be removed except by the electrical inspector, or some person authorized by the inspector, after approval of the work.

(5) Red caution tape. A red caution marking tape is required to be installed 12 inches above all buried electrical power cables or conduits buried for the purpose of containing electrical power wires. Other than telephone, cable TV and Class 2 protected wiring, all wiring methods installed using an open trench method of burial that are not totally encased in two inches or more of concrete shall have this warning tape. Code allowed wiring installations that are less than 18 inches deep shall have this warning tape placed six inches above the installation.

(6) Each separate electrical service on city owned property shall consist of a single main disconnect other than a service that supplies power to a fire pump or other system required to be separated for reasons of safety.

(7)  All power wires installed below grade or exposed on public property in the City of Marshfield or going to City of Marshfield facilities shall be enclosed in a listed conduit system.

(8)  A minimum electrical supply of 100 amps shall be installed for each individual dwelling unit.

(9)  Two wire receptacles devices on two wire circuits, when changed, shall be replaced with GFCI protected and labeleld three wire receptacles.


(Code 1982, 16.13; Ord. No. 984, 1 (16.15), 7-22-2003; Ord. No. 1111, 1, 9-25-2007)

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