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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-10. Word Usage

The interpretation of this Chapter shall abide by the provisions and rules of this Section, except where the context clearly requires otherwise, or where the result would clearly be inconsistent with the apparent intent of this Chapter.

  1. Words used or defined in one tense or form shall include other tenses and derivative forms.
  2. Words in the singular number shall include the plural number, and words in the plural number shall include the single number.
  3. The masculine gender shall include the feminine, and vice versa.
  4. The words "shall," "must," and "will" are mandatory.
  5. The words "may," "can," and "might" are permissive.
  6. The word "person" includes individuals, firms, corporations, partnerships, associations, trusts, and any other legal entity.
  7. The word "City" shall mean the City of Marshfield, Wisconsin.
  8. The word "county" shall mean the County of Wood or the County of Marathon, Wisconsin.
  9. The word "state" shall mean the State of Wisconsin.
  10. The words "Plan Commission" shall mean the City of Marshfield Plan Commission.
  11. The word "Council" shall refer to the City of Marshfield Common Council.
  12. The words "Board" or "Board of Appeals" shall refer to the City of Marshfield Zoning Board of Appeals.
  13. If there is any ambiguity between the text of this Chapter and any illustration or figure, the text shall control.