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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-104. Exterior Lighting Standards

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this Section is to regulate the spill-over of light and glare on operators of motor vehicles, pedestrians, and land uses in the vicinity of a light source in order to promote traffic safety and to prevent the creation of nuisances.

(2) Applicability. The requirements of this Section apply to all private exterior lighting within the jurisdiction of this Chapter, except for lighting within public rights-of-way and/or lighting located on public property.

(3) Review and Approval. The City shall review and approve all development for conformance with this Section through the site plan review process (see Section 18-164).

(4) Depiction on Required Site Plan. Any and all exterior lighting shall be depicted as to its location, orientation, and configuration on the site plan required for the development of the subject property.

(5) Exterior Lighting Requirements.

(a) In no instance shall an exterior lighting fixture over 150 watts for an incandescent bulb or its equivalent be oriented so that the lighting element (or a clear shield) is visible from a property located within a residential zoning district. The use of shielded luminaries and careful fixture placement is encouraged so as to facilitate compliance with this requirement.

(b) Flashing, flickering and/or other lighting which may distract motorists are prohibited.

(c) Intensity of Illumination.

1. In no instance shall the amount of illumination attributable to exterior lighting, as measured at the property line, exceed 0.50 footcandles above ambient lighting conditions on a cloudless night.

2. The maximum average on-site lighting in nonresidential zoning districts shall be 2.4 foot-candles.

3. The maximum average on-site lighting in residential zoning districts shall be 0.90 foot-candles.

4. The following exceptions shall be permitted:

a. The maximum average allowable on-site lighting of outdoor recreation facilities and assembly areas is 3.60 foot-candles.

b. The maximum average on-site lighting of auto display lots and gas station pump islands is 25.0 foot-candles; all under-the-canopy fixtures shall be fully recessed.

5. Reflected glare onto nearby buildings, streets or pedestrian areas is prohibited. To minimize any indirect overflow of light on abutting properties, the height of any proposed parking lot light standard should be as short as possible and should stair step down to a lower height when close to residential uses (see Section (d)(5), below).

(d) Fixtures and Luminaries.

1. Outdoor lighting shall be full cut-off fixtures and downward facing and no direct light shall bleed onto abutting properties. Exempt from this requirement are any fixtures using an incandescent bulb of 100 watts or less, or its equivalent.

2. Light fixtures shall not be located within required bufferyards.

3. Total cut-off luminaries with angles of less than 90 degrees shall be required for pole and building security lighting to ensure no fugitive up lighting occurs.

4. The color and design of fixtures shall be compatible with the building and public lighting in the area, and shall be uniform throughout the entire development site.

5. The maximum fixture height in the SR-2, SR-3, SR-4, TR-6, NMU, and MH-8 districts shall be 16 feet. The maximum fixture height in all other districts shall be 25 feet.

6. All lighting fixtures existing prior to the effective date of this Chapter shall be considered as legal conforming.

(e) All areas designated on required site plans for vehicular parking, loading, or circulation and used for any such purpose after sunset shall provide artificial illumination in such areas at a minimum intensity of 0.2 foot-candles.

(f) Any temporary use using exterior lighting which is not in complete compliance with the requirements of this Section shall secure a temporary use permit (see Section 18-162).