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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-136. Installation Requirements

(1) Installation. Any and all landscaping and bufferyard material required by the provisions of this Chapter shall be installed on the subject property, in accordance with the approved site plan within 365 days of the issuance of an occupancy permit for any building on the subject property, unless a conditional use is approved to allow for greater than 365 days.

(2) Surety.

(a) If the subject property is to be occupied prior to the installation of all required landscaping and bufferyard material, the property owner shall sign an instrument agreeing to install the landscaping within the 365 day period and shall furnish to the City an irrevocable letter of credit or other form of security acceptable to the City sufficient to guarantee completion of the work. Such security shall be provided by the property owner at the time that the agreement is signed. It shall be in an amount equal to 110 percent of the estimated actual cost for all of the required elements of the approved site plan and shall specifically guarantee that all such elements shall be made and installed according to the approved site plan. The costs of the work shall be furnished by the property and shall be verified by the City. The financial security shall remain in force until all of the work has been completed and approved by the City. This agreement shall also contain a statement indicating that the property owner's failure to comply with the requirements of the terms of the agreement will constitute a violation of the Chapter and subject the property owner to a forfeiture upon conviction.

(b) If the required landscaping and bufferyard materials are to be installed during different phases of a subdivision development, the developer may furnish for each phase financial security in an amount sufficient to guarantee completion of the landscaping and bufferyard work performed during a particular phase, unless the Land Division Regulations requires otherwise.

(c) If the property owner is a governmental unit, it may, in lieu of signing an agreement and furnishing a guarantee and file a resolution or letter from officers authorized to act in its behalf, agreeing to comply with the provisions of this Article.

(3) If existing plant material meets the requirements of this Article and will be preserved on the subject property following the completion of development, it may be counted as contributing to the landscaping requirements and worth double the landscaping point value per plant.

(4) All landscaping and bufferyard areas shall be seeded with lawn or native ground cover unless such vegetation is already fully established.

(5) The exact placement of plants and structures shall be depicted on the required detailed landscaping plan submitted to the City for its approval. Such plant and structure location shall be the decision of each property owner provided the following requirements are met:

(a) Evergreen shrubs shall be planted in clusters to maximize their chance for survival.

(b) Where a combination of plant materials, berming, and fencing is used in a bufferyard, the fence and/or berm shall be located toward the interior of the subject property and the plant material shall be located toward the exterior of the subject property.

(c) A property owner may establish through a written agreement, recorded with the Register of Deeds that an abutting property owner agrees to provide on the immediately abutting portion of his or her land a partial or full portion of the required bufferyard, thereby relieving the developer of the responsibility of providing the entire bufferyard on his property.

(d) Under no circumstance shall landscaping or bufferyard materials be selected or located in a manner resulting in the creation of a safety or visibility hazard.

(e) The restrictions on types of plants listed in this Article shall apply.

(6) Maintenance. The continual maintenance of all required landscaping and bufferyard materials shall be a requirement of this Chapter and shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property on which said materials and plants are required. This requirement shall run with the property and shall be binding upon all future property owners. Development of any or all property following the effective date of this chapter shall constitute an agreement by the property owner to comply with the provisions of this Section. If the property owner fails to comply with these provisions, the City may enter upon the property for the purpose of evaluating and maintaining all required landscaping and bufferyard materials, and may specially assess the costs thereof against the property. A property owner's failure to comply with this requirement shall also be considered a violation of this chapter, and shall be subject to any and all applicable enforcement procedures and penalties.



(Code 1982, 17.17(7))