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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-151. Exempt Activities

The following activities do not require review or approval by the City.

(1) The maintenance or improvement of a public road or railroad track not involving substantial engineering redesign if the work is carried out on land within the boundaries of the right of way.

(2) Work by any utility not involving substantial engineering redesign for the purpose of inspection, repair, renewal or construction on established rights-of-way of any sewers, mains, pipes, cables, utility tunnels, power lines, towers, poles, tracks, or the like.

(3) Work for the maintenance, renewal, improvement, or alteration of any structure, if the work affects only the interior or the color of the structure or decoration of the exterior of the structure (but does not otherwise materially affect the external appearance of the structure).

(4) The use of any structure or land devoted to dwelling uses for any purposes customarily incidental to enjoyment of the dwelling.

(5) The use of any land for the purpose of growing plants, crops, trees, and other agricultural or forestry products outdoors or for other agricultural purposes except the growing or storage of livestock.

(6) A change in use of land or structure from one permitted use to another permitted use involving no physical site changes.

(7) Official public information street graphics installed by or at the direction of a governmental unit.

(Code 1982, 17.03(4); Ord. No. 825, 1, 4-14-1988)