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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-163. Land Use Permit Review and Approval Procedures

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this Section is to specify the requirements and procedures for the issuance of land use permits by the City Engineer or Zoning Administrator and to determine if other procedures are needed per the requirements of this Article. A land use permit may be waived if other application processes are necessary, including some instances of building permits, site plans, and conditional use permits.

(2) Applicability. A land use permit shall be required for any of the following activities:

(a) Single family and two family residential uses on individual lots in any zoning district.

(b) Residential accessory buildings.

(c) A change in type of use of a structure or land, except from a permitted use to another permitted use.

(d) A reconstruction or alteration of the size in the external appearance of an existing structure or land.

(e) A material increase in the intensity of use of land, such as an increase in the number of businesses, manufacturing establishments, offices or dwelling units in a structure or on land.

(f) Commencement of mining or excavation on a parcel of land.

(g) Demolition or moving of a structure required by this Chapter or Chapter 19 Subdivision and Platting of the City of Marshfield Code of Ordinances.

(h) Deposit of refuse, solid or liquid waste, junk, or fill on a parcel of land.

(i) Alteration of a shore, bank, or floodplain of a stream, lake, pond, or artificial body of water.

(j) Reestablishment of a nonconforming or conditional use which has not been utilized for one year.

(k) Departure from the normal use for which development permission has been granted, or failure to comply with the conditions of this chapter granting the development permission under which the development was commenced or is continued.

(l) Earth fill or other filling activities for the purpose of raising the elevation of a lot or site for the purposes of future development.

(3) Application. Applications for a land use permit contain all of the following, if applicable (digital files should be submitted rather than paper copies whenever possible, if applicable):

(a) Name and address of the applicant, owner of the site, architect, professional engineer and contractor.

(b) Description of the subject site by lot, block, and recorded subdivision or by metes and bounds.

(c) Address of the subject site.

(d) Type of structure.

(e) Existing and proposed operation or use of the structure or site.

(f) Number of employees.

(g) Zoning district within which the subject site lies.

(h) A map of the subject property to scale depicting:

1. Location, boundaries, dimensions, uses and size of the following:

a. Subject site.

b. Existing and proposed structures.

c. Existing and proposed easements.

d. Streets and other public ways.

2. Off-street parking, loading areas, and driveways.

3. Existing highway access restrictions.

4. High water, channel floodway, and floodplain boundaries.

5. Existing and proposed street, side, and rear yards.

(i) Additional information as may be required by the City Engineer or Zoning Administrator.

(4) Review and Action by City Engineer/Zoning Administrator. A land use permit shall be granted or denied by the City Engineer or Zoning Administrator in writing within 30 days of the application, and the applicant shall post such permit in a conspicuous place at the site. Any permit issued in conflict with the provisions of the Chapter shall be null and void.

(5) Time Limits on Land Use Permits. The work must begin within one year of approval and be completed within 2 years. Time limits for Conditional Use Permits and Variances may be established at the time of approval. All other permits shall meet the timelines required at the time of issuance as listed elsewhere in this chapter.