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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 19. Subdivision and Platting

Sec. 19-04. Numbering of houses and buildings.

All houses and buildings in the city shall be numbered in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(1) Administration. The City Engineer or designee shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of house numbering maps, the assigning of numbers to individual lots or parcels of land and the distribution of such numbers.

(2) Baselines established. The following baselines are established:

  1. Central Avenue shall constitute the baseline for all streets running in an easterly and westerly direction.
  2. The main line of the Canadian National Rail Road from the east City Limits to Oak Avenue and the Wildwood Station bike trail from Oak Avenue to Lincoln Avenue thereof shall constitute the baseline for all streets running in a northerly and southerly direction.

(3) Numbering system. The numbering system shall be as follows:

  1. The numbering for each street shall begin from the baseline. The numbers in the first block shall be from one (1) to ninety-nine (99) and the numbers in each succeeding block shall increase in units of 100. Where blocks are longer than normal or where unusual conditions exist, the numbering shall be arranged in units that will provide logical succession and the same block number approaching an intersecting street as prevails in all other locations at that street.
  2. There shall be a number for every eleven (11) feet of land fronting on Central Avenue between the baseline and Ninth Street. On the balance of Central Avenue and on all other streets there shall be a number for every forty-four (44) feet of land fronting the street or for every lot where it can be definitely determined that there will be not more than one (1) building per lot.
  3. The north and east sides of streets shall be numbered with odd numbers and the south and west sides of streets shall be numbered with even numbers.

(4) Specifications. Specifications for numbers shall be as follows:

  1. The numbers shall be black on white or other color contrasting combinations which can easily be read from the street. The numbers shall be a minimum height of two and one-half (2 1/2) inches.  Roman numerals and script are not acceptable.
  2. A number shall be placed on every house and building in the city, except that numbers need not be displayed on accessory buildings which do not front upon public streets. An accessory building is defined in section 18-02 of this Code of the City of Marshfield.
  3. The number shall be placed immediately above or at the side of the main door of the building facing the street upon which it fronts. If the number is not readily visible from the street in this location then it shall be placed in such a location that it is readily visible.
  4. If no part of the building is visible from the street or if the building is more than seventy-five (75) feet back from the lot line, then the number shall be placed on a gatepost, fence, post or other appropriate place near the street line that can be easily seen from the street.
  5. In the case of new buildings, the number, together with the building permit, shall be placed on a temporary post or tree in front of the construction where it is visible from the street. When the building is completed, the number shall be moved to the permanent location specified in this subsection.

(5) Numbers required. Numbers shall be required as follows: No permit for the construction of a building shall be issued until an address number has been assigned. No permit for the repair or alteration of a building shall be issued unless the proper number is affixed to the building in accordance with this section.

(6) Sale of standard numbers. The Building Services Division of the Department of Public Works shall maintain a supply of house numbers and frames in its office. They shall be available for sale during regular office hours at actual cost of the materials plus an administrative charge.

(7) Violation and penalty. The Building Services Supervisor shall serve by mail a notice upon the owner or occupant of any building which is found not to comply with this section. If after thirty (30) days from the receipt of this notice the building still does not comply, the owner or occupant shall be subject to the penalty provisions in section 1-05 of this Code.

(Code 1982, 14.17; Ord. No. 1190, 2, 12-14-2010)