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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 19. Subdivision and Platting

Sec. 19-80. Dedication of land for parks and recerational areas

(1) Purpose.  This section is adopted to provide recreational areas in the form of parks, playgrounds, trails, recreation and open spaces as a function of subdivision and development in the City of Marshfield.

(2) Review.  Upon the submission of a preliminary plat for a major subdivision, the zoning administrator shall determine the dedication requirements and review them based on recommendations in the City's Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and request that this item be placed on the Parks and Recreational Forestry Committee's subsequent meeting agenda.  The Parks and Recreational Forestry Committee shall review all park, playground, trail, recreation and open space dedications and provide a recommendation to the Common Council based on the dedication requirements in Sec. 19-81.

(3) Dedication Requirement.  In order that adequate open spaces and sites for public uses may be properly located and reserved and in order that the cost of providing public areas, such as but not limited to, parks, playgrounds, trails, recreation and open spaces may be equitably apportioned on the basis of additional need created by residential development, each subdivider of a major subdivision for residential use shall be required to dedicate land or fees in lieu of land for parks, recreation or open spaces.

(4) General Design.  In the design of a major subdivision or planned unit development, provision shall be made for suitable sites of adequate area for parks, playgrounds, trails, recreation and open spaces.  Such sites are to be shown on the Preliminary Plat and Final Plat, and the following areas should be preserved when feasible but shall not count towards the required parkland dedication: scenic and historic sites, stands of trees, marshes, lakes, ponds, streams, watercourses, watersheds, ravines and woodlands, prairie and wetlands, and plant and animal communities.

(5) Site Reservations Required. Where the area proposed to be divided contains a park, playground, trail, or other public area which is shown in the Comprehensive Plan or the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, such area shall either be dedicated to the proper public agency, or, at the Common Council's determination, it shall be reserved for acquisition thereby within a three (3) year period by purchase or other means if such lands meet or exceed dedication requirements.  If the land is not acquired during this period, it shall be released to the subdivider.

(Ord. No. 1190, 2, 12-14-2010)