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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-03. Appointed officials.

(1) Enumerated. The appointed officials of the city shall be as follows:

OfficialHow AppointedTerm
(a)City attorneyCouncilTwo years
(b)City administratorCouncilIndefinite
(c)Finance directorCouncilIndefinite
(d)Director of public worksCouncilIndefinite
(e)City engineerCouncilIndefinite
(f)Wastewater utility superintendentCouncilIndefinite
(g)Building services supervisorCouncilIndefinite
(h)Electrical inspectorCouncilIndefinite
(i)Plumbing inspectorCouncilIndefinite
(j)Street superintendent/ Weed commissionerCouncilIndefinite
(k)Information system directorCouncilIndefinite
(l)Director of planning and economic developmentCouncilIndefinite
(m)Parks and recreation directorCouncilIndefinite
(n)Police chiefFire and police commissionIndefinite
(o)Fire chiefFire and police commissionIndefinite
(p)Library directorJoint library boardIndefinite
(q)Emergency management deputy directorCouncilIndefinite
(r)Director of community development authorityCouncilIndefinite
(s)Zoning administratorCouncilIndefinite
(t)Cemetery sextonCouncilIndefinite

(Code 1982, 1.03; Ord. No. 23, 1-4, 8-8-2006; Ord. No. 1138, 2, 3-24-2009)