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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-101. Industrial park authority.

(1) Management. The industrial park authority shall take charge, manage and supervise the operation of the city-owned industrial park districts under the general control and supervision of the council. The authority shall consist of five members as follows: the mayor, who shall be its presiding officer; the director of public works; an alderperson; and two citizen members, who shall be persons of recognized experience and qualification. The alderperson member of the authority shall be elected by a two-thirds vote of the council upon creation of the authority and during each April thereafter. The two citizen members shall be appointed by the mayor for a term of two years in alternate years. The city's director of planning and economic development will serve as an ex officio member in an advisory capacity only.

(2) Organization and operation. The members shall choose, from among their own number, a vice-chairman, a secretary and other such officers as in their judgment are necessary. The authority shall employ experts and such staff as may be necessary and pay for their services. They shall make rules for all their proceedings and for the government of the authority. The authority shall meet as often as is necessary to carry out its duties.

(3) Powers. The authority shall have such general powers in the construction, extension, improvement and operation of the industrial park districts as may be designated by the council and until such time shall have the power to:

  1. Conduct surveys;
  2. Purchase options upon real estate;
  3. Give options upon real estate located in the city-owned industrial parks subject to the confirmation of the council;
  4. Establish certain rules, conditions and controls on the sale and use of real estate subject to the confirmation of the council;
  5. Make recommendations to the council;
  6. Use the funds set aside in the fund designated "industrial park fund."

(4) Purchase of real estate. All acquisitions of real estate shall be in the name of the city and shall not be made without the approval of the council.

(5) Finances. The authority shall have the power to incur expenditures within its annual budget as set by the council. All expenditures from the budget shall only be made upon approval of the expenditures by a majority of the authority and submitted to the finance director with the voucher for payment of same.

(Code 1982, 1.42)