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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-42. Finance director.

(1) Powers and duties. The finance director is responsible for the administration of the accounting and financial reporting system, cash management, debt management, and risk management for the city. This position is responsible for comptroller and treasurer duties according to this Municipal Code and state statues. Work is performed under the supervision and general administrative direction of the city administrator.

(2) Responsibilities. Responsibilities of the finance director shall be to provide administrative support and information service to the public, city administrator and city departments; to maintain financial information in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and to ensure compliance with legal and prudent fiscal requirements and all financial procedures and operations. These include the accounting and financial reporting system, payroll, budget development and administration, internal and external audits, risk management administration, the treasury function, cash management, investment administration, debt management, and all statutory responsibilities of the treasurer and comptroller.

(Code 1982, 1.17)