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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 20. Shorelands-Wetlands

Sec. 20-01. Statutory authorization, findings of fact and statement of purpose.

(1) Statutory authorization. This chapter has been adopted pursuant to the authorization of 62.23 and 62.231 Wis. Stats. and NR 117.01 et seq. Wis. Admin. Code.

(2) Findings of fact and purpose. Uncontrolled use of the shorelands-wetlands and pollution of the navigable waters of the city would adversely affect the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare and impair the tax base. The legislature of Wisconsin has delegated responsibility to all municipalities to:

  1. Promote the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare;
  2. Maintain the stormwater and floodwater storage capacity of wetlands;
  3. Prevent and control water pollution by preserving wetlands which filter or store sediments, nutrients, heavy metals or organic compounds that would otherwise drain into navigable waters;
  4. Protect fish, their spawning grounds, other aquatic life and wildlife by preserving wetlands and other aquatic habitat;
  5. Prohibit certain uses detrimental to the shoreland-wetland area; and
  6. Preserve shore cover and natural beauty by restricting the removal of natural shoreland cover and controlling shoreland-wetland excavation, filling and other earth-moving activities.

(Code 1982, 27.01(1)(a))