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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 22. Municipal Airport

Sec. 22-01. Airport committee.

(1) The airport committee of the council shall have jurisdiction over the construction, improvement, equipment, maintenance and operation of the airport, subject to the approval of the council.

(2) The airport committee shall adopt regulations and establish fees or charges for the use of the airport not inconsistent with this chapter. Such regulations, fees and charges will become effective when approved by the council.

(3) The airport committee may employ a manager whose duties and responsibilities shall be specified in writing and whose employment and salary shall be approved by the council.

(4) The manager, under the supervision of the airport committee, shall have the duty of administering and enforcing all airport ordinances, leases and agreements, and rules and regulations.

(5) The airport committee and the manager shall meet at least once each calendar quarter to inspect the airport facilities, review airport operations and financial matters, and discuss proposed airport development and other business, minutes of which meeting shall be submitted to the council for approval.

(6) The airport committee shall, in cooperation with the appropriate municipal department, establish an airport accounting system of sufficient detail to enable the committee to accurately establish rates and charges, eliminate inefficient operation and maintenance practices, and accomplish sound financial planning.

(7) The airport committee shall prepare and submit an annual report to the council. Such report shall include current information on aircraft operations, based aircraft, airport expenditures and revenues, along with comparative figures for the past year and projections for the coming year, and include other information deemed pertinent.

(8) The airport committee shall prepare and submit to the council an annual budget setting forth anticipated revenues and expenditures, including capital improvements.

(9) The airport committee shall establish minimum requirements for the conduct of aeronautical services on the airport and vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the airport.

(10) The airport committee shall prepare and submit for adoption by the council standard leases and agreements for the various types of airport activities and land uses authorized in this chapter.

(11) The airport committee shall make studies and conduct surveys as appropriate to assist in improving the operation of the airport. It shall cooperate with the Wisconsin Division of Aeronautics and the FederalAviation Administration in airport and system planning functions and other activities.

(12) The airport committee shall cooperate with and receive the cooperation of all municipal departments providing services or assistance to the airport.

(Code 1982, 21.03)