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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 22. Municipal Airport

Sec. 22-49. Specialized commercial flying services.

(1) Statement of concept. A specialized commercial flying services operator is a person engaged in air transportation for hire for the purpose of providing the use of aircraft for the following activities:

  1. Nonstop sightseeing flights that begin and end at the same airport.
  2. Crop dusting, seeding, spraying and bird chasing.
  3. Banner towing and aerial advertising.
  4. Aerial photography or survey.
  5. Firefighting.
  6. Power line or pipeline patrol.
  7. Any other operations specifically excluded from part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

(2) Minimum standards. Minimum standards for a specialized commercial flying services operator shall be as follows:

  1. The operator shall lease from the city an area of not less than 11,000 square feet of ground space on which shall be erected a building to provide at least 4,000 square feet of floor space for aircraft and other storage and at least 1,000 square feet of floor space for office, and restrooms, which shall be properly heated and lighted; and shall provide telephone facilities for customer use.
  2. In the case of crop dusting, aerial application or other commercial use of chemicals, the operator shall provide a centrally drained, paved area of not less than 3,000 square feet for aircraft loading, washing and servicing. The operator shall also provide for the safe storage and containment of noxious chemical materials. Such facilities will be in a location on the airport which will provide the greatest safeguard to the public.
  3. The operator shall provide auto parking space within the leased area to accommodate at least seven automobiles.
  4. The operator shall provide a paved walkway within the leased area to accommodate pedestrian access to the operator's office.
  5. The operator shall provide a paved aircraft apron within the leased area to accommodate aircraft movement from the operator's building to the taxiway or the access to the taxiway that has been or will be provided for the operator.
  6. The operator shall provide and have based on his leasehold, either owned or under written lease to the operator, not less than one aircraft which will be airworthy, meeting all the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and applicable regulations of the state with respect to the type of operations to be performed.
  7. In the case of crop dusting or aerial application, the operator shall provide tank trucks for the handling of liquid spray and mixing liquids. The operator shall also provide adequate ground equipment for the safe handling and safe loading of dusting materials.
  8. The operator performing the services under this category will be required to carry the following types of insurance in the limits specified:
    1. Aircraft liability:
      1. Bodily injury: $1,000,000.00 each accident.
      2. Passenger liability: $100,000.00 each passenger, each accident.
      3. Property damage: $300,000.00 each accident.
    2. Comprehensive public liability and comprehensive property damage:
      1. Bodily injury: $1,000,000.00 each accident.
      2. Property damage: $300,000.00 each accident.
    3. Products liability (when applicable): $300,000.00 each accident.
  9. The operator must provide, by means of an office or a telephone, a point of contact for the public desiring to utilize the operator's services.
  10. The operator shall have in his employ, and on duty during appropriate business hours, trained personnel in such numbers as may be required to meet the minimum standards set forth in this section in an efficient manner, but never less than one person holding a current Federal Aviation Administration commercial certificate, properly rated for the aircraft to be used and the type of operation to be performed and one other person to assist in the loading and servicing of aircraft.

(Code 1982, 21.28)