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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 22. Municipal Airport

Sec. 22-54. Flying clubs.

The following requirements pertain to all flying clubs desiring to base their aircraft on the airport and be exempt from the minimum standards:

(1) Flying club organization. Each club must be a nonprofit Wisconsin corporation or partnership. Each member must be a bona fide owner of the aircraft or a stockholder in the corporation. The club may not derive greater revenue from the use of its aircraft than the amount necessary for the actual use of operation, maintenance, and replacement of its aircraft. The club will file and keep current with the airport owner a complete list of the club's membership and investment share held by each member.

(2) Aircraft. The club's aircraft will not be used by other than bona fide members for rental and by no one for hire, charter or air taxi. Student instruction can be given by a lessee based on the airport who provides flight training.

(3) Violations. If the club fails to comply with these conditions, the airport owner will notify the club in writing of such violations. If the club fails to correct the violations in 15 days, the airport owner may take any action deemed advisable by the owner.

(4) Aircraft liability insurance. Each aircraft owned by the flying club must have aircraft liability insurance coverage for the following amounts:

  1. Bodily injury: $1,000,000.00 each accident.
  2. Property damage: $300,000.00 each accident.

(Code 1982, 21.33)