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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 24. Sign Code

Sec. 24-07. Illumination.

Sign illumination may be allowed by permit as indicated in sections 24-08 and 24-09. Where a sign applicant seeks a permit for illumination, the following standards shall apply:

(1) Illumination shall be designed to eliminate negative impacts on surrounding rightsof- way and properties. The light from an illuminated sign shall not be of an intensity or brightness that will create a negative impact on residential uses in direct line-of-sight to the sign.

(2) Signs may not be illuminated in a manner that interferes with (including glaring or blinding), misleads or confuses traffic.

(3) External light sources shall be directed and shielded to limit direct illumination of any object other than the sign.

(4) In no case, with all lighting components energized, shall the lighting intensity of any sign, whether resulting from internal or external illumination, exceed 60 foot candles when measured with a standard light meter held at a distance of ten inches from the sign face.

(5) Maximum brightness levels for electronic reader boards shall not exceed 5,000 nits when measured from the sign's face at its maximum brightness during daylight hours and 500 nits when measured from the sign's face at its maximum brightness between dusk and dawn. In no case shall the light intensity exceed the standards set forth in subsection (4).

(6) No illumination shall be anything other than a steady, continuous burning bulb or lights. Flashing, blinking, oscillating, rotating or intermittent turning on-and-off of any illuminating device is prohibited. Time/weather informational signs and official warning and regulatory signs erected by the city or state are exempt from this regulation.

(7) Neon shall not be considered a bare bulb and will be subject to appropriate luminary measure.

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