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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 24. Sign Code

Sec. 24-10. Master sign plans.

(1) Purpose. A master sign plan shall be used to establish criteria for and govern the construction of all signs associated with a use for which a master sign plan has been approved. A permit will be required for individual signs following or in conjunction with master sign plan approval. Signs constructed in violation of an approved master sign plan shall be considered in violation of this sign code.

(2) Applicability. A master sign plan shall be required in the following circumstances:

  1. Two or more signs are installed when one or more of the signs do not meet all of the individual sign standards; 
  2. Two or more signs are proposed for a campus or group development;
  3. An amendment to an existing master sign plan is being proposed when the proposed signage does not comply with the existing master sign plan or the individual sign standards, whichever is less restrictive;
  4. The director of planning and economic development determines that a master sign plan is needed because of project characteristics such as:
    1. Size of proposed signs,
    2. Limited site visibility, and
    3. Site location relative to major transportation routes.

(3) Submission requirements. An application for master sign plan approval shall be submitted to the director of planning and economic development and shall include:

  1. An accurate plot plan of the entire lot on which the use will be located at a scale of not less than one inch to 100 feet;
  2. Location of buildings, parking lots, driveways and landscaped areas on the lot;
  3. A table (or tables) containing:
    1. Computation of the maximum total sign area;
    2. Maximum area for individual signs;
    3. Height and number of freestanding signs; and
    4. Statement of the maximum total sign area and maximum number of signs permitted on the site by this sign code.
  4. An accurate indication on the plot plan of the location and orientation of each sign for which a permit is currently being requested, the anticipated location of future signs requiring a permit, and the location of all reasonably anticipated limited permit signs.
  5. A description and illustration of the following may be required:
    1. Colors and materials to be used in sign construction;
    2. Style of lettering for all signs;
    3. Appearance/location of logos or icons;
    4. Location of each sign on the building(s), with building elevations if necessary;
    5. All sign proportions; and
    6. Types of illumination.

(4) Procedures. A master sign plan shall be approved by the plan commission following the same procedure as for a standard sign permit application process described in section 24-3.

(5) Flexible criteria. The master sign plan may be approved by the plan commission with elements that exceed the permitted height, area and/or number of signs specified in this sign code if the director of planning and economic development recommends that:

  1. The development site contains unique or unusual physical conditions such as topography, proportion, size or relation to a public street that would limit or restrict normal sign visibility;
  2. The proposed or existing development exhibits unique characteristics of land use, architectural style, site location, physical scale, historical interest or other distinguishing features that represent clear variation from conventional development; or
  3. The proposed signage incorporates special design features such as logos, emblems, murals or statuaries that are integrated with building architecture.

(6) Amendment. A master sign plan may be amended by filing a new master sign plan for approval in conformance with the requirements of the sign code in effect at that time to be approved by the plan commission.

(7) Binding effect.

  1. After approval of a master sign plan, no permanent sign shall be erected, placed, painted or maintained by the property owner or any buyer, tenant, subtenant, assignee, employee, agent or other party in use of the subject property except in conformance with such plan without obtaining a sign permit pursuant to section 24-3 and in conformance with the master sign plan.
  2. If the plan commission has approved a master sign plan with flexible criteria pursuant to subsection (5) of this section, the director of planning and economic development is authorized to approve, through the standard sign permit approval process, sign applications in conformance with the master sign plan, which applications may conflict with the terms of this sign code, but only to the extent that the application is in conformance with the master sign plan.
  3. A master sign plan shall be enforced in the same manner as any other provision of this sign code.

(8) Requirements.

  1. The master sign plan shall be included in the application for final approval of any development plan, site plan, planned unit development, office/business/industrial park development (multi-part approvals) or building permit application for approvals issued by the City of Marshfield.
  2. If the master sign plan has not been approved prior to the submission of such documents, it may be processed simultaneously.

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