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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 24. Sign Code

Sec. 24-16. Maintenance and removal.

(1) All outdoor signs and supports shall be weather resistant and shall be maintained in good repair and structural condition in compliance with all building and electrical codes and in conformance with this sign code.

(2) The director of planning and economic development shall initiate necessary procedures to remove any sign and/or sign structure that poses an immediate danger or hazard to persons or property or is detrimental to the adjacent property owner, as provided in the city's adopted building code relating to abatement of nuisances.

(3) When a sign is removed or replaced, all brackets, poles and other structural elements (both surface and subsurface) that supported the sign shall also be removed and the site restored. Affected building surfaces shall be restored to match the adjacent portion of the structure.

(4) All signs shall be maintained in good structural condition, in compliance with all applicable building and electrical codes and provisions of this chapter.

(5) If the zoning administrator or the building services department finds that any sign, awning, banner, billboard, flag or any part of any such sign or derivative thereof is unsafe, insecure, dilapidated, out of repair or abandoned, or is in such poor condition that it is dangerous or a blighting influence upon the neighboring properties, they shall issue written notice to the owner of the property upon which the sign exists to cause the sign to be repaired or removed in its entirety. Such written notice shall prescribe a period of time for compliance of not less than ten calendar days and not to exceed 90 calendar days, weather permitting.

(6) A sign shall have no more than 20 percent of its surface are covered with disfigured, cracked, ripped or peeling paint, poster paper, plastic wrap, or other material for a period of more than 30 consecutive days.

(7) A sign shall not stand with bent, broken or missing sign faces, with broken supports, with loosed appendages or struts, or more than 15 degrees from the originally constructed position for a period not to exceed ten consecutive days.

(8) A sign and the ground surrounding it shall be neat, clean and presentable.

(9) An internally illuminated sign shall be allowed to stand with partial illumination for a period of no more than 30 consecutive days, without justification.

(Ord. No. 987, 1—3, 9-9-2003; Ord. No. 999, 1—3, 10-27-2003)