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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 25. Construction Site Erosion Control

Sec. 25-07. Performance Standards

  (1) RESPONSIBLE PARTY.  The responsible party shall implement an erosion and sediment control plan, developed in accordance with section 25-09 that incorporates the requirements of this section.

 (2)  PLAN. A written plan shall be developed in accordance with section 25-09 and implemented for each construction site.

(3) EROSION AND OTHER POLLUTANT CONTROL REQUIREMENTS. The plan required under subsection (2) above shall include the following:

(a) BMPs that, by design, achieve to the maximum extent practicable, a reduction of 80% of the sediment load carried in runoff, on an average annual basis, as compared with no sediment or erosion controls until the construction site has undergone final stabilization. No person shall be required to exceed an 80% sediment reduction to meet the requirements of this paragraph. Erosion and sediment control BMPs may be used alone or in combination to meet the requirements of this paragraph. Credit toward meeting the sediment reduction shall be given for limiting the duration or area, or both, of land disturbing construction activity, or other appropriate mechanism. Credit determination shall be subject to soil loss prediction tools that estimate the sediment load leaving a construction site under varying conditions.

(b) Notwithstanding par. (a), if BMPs cannot be designed and implemented to reduce the sediment load by 80%, on an average annual basis, the plan shall include a written and site-specific explanation as to why the 80% reduction goal is not attainable and the sediment load shall be reduced to the maximum extent practicable.

(c) Where appropriate, the plan shall include sediment controls to do all of the following to the maximum extent practicable:

1. Prevent tracking of sediment from the construction site onto roads and other paved surfaces.

2. Prevent the discharge of sediment as part of site de-watering.

3. Protect the separate storm drain inlet structure from receiving sediment.

(d) The use, storage and disposal of chemicals, cement and other compounds and materials used on the construction site shall be managed during the construction period, to prevent their entrance into waters of the state.  However, projects that require the placement of these materials in waters of the state, such as constructing bridge footings or BMP installations, are not prohibited by this paragraph.

(4) LOCATION.  The BMPs used to comply with this section shall be located prior to runoff entering waters of the state.  Regional treatment facilities shall not be used for construction site sediment removal.

(5) ALTERNATE REQUIREMENTS.  The Director of Public Works or his designee may establish storm water management requirements more stringent than those set forth in this section if the Director of Public Works or his designee determines that an added level of protection is needed for sensitive resources.