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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 3. Governing Body

Sec. 3-02. Meetings.

(1) Regular meetings. Following a regular city election for the purpose of organization, the council shall meet on the third Tuesday of April. Regular meetings of the council shall be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each calendar month at 7:00 p.m. Any regular meeting falling on a legal holiday or on December 24 shall be held instead at a date and time set in advance by the council. All meetings of the council, including special and adjourned meetings, shall be held in the city hall, except as determined from time to time by the council.

(2) Special meetings. Special meetings of the council may be called by the mayor or any two alderpersons in writing, prior to the time specified for such meeting. The clerk shall immediately notify the media as required by the Open Meeting Laws and each alderperson of the time and purpose of such meeting by causing a written notice thereof to be electronically sent or delivered to each alderperson personally, if he can be found, or, if he cannot be found, then by leaving a copy of such notice at the home of such alderperson at least six hours before the meeting. The clerk shall cause an affidavit showing the service of such notice as provided in this subsection to be filed in his office prior to the time fixed for such special meeting. Special meetings may be held without such notice when all members of the council are present in person or consent in writing to the holding of such meeting, such written consent to be filed with the clerk prior to the beginning of the meeting. Any special meeting attended by all the alderpersons shall be a regular meeting for the transaction of any business that may come before such meeting.

(3) Adjournments. The council may, by a majority vote of those present, but not less than three affirmative votes, adjourn from time to time to a specific date and hour.

(Code 1982, 2.02)