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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 3. Governing Body

Sec. 3-68. Committee procedure.

(1) Rules, records, agenda. Each committee of the council shall make rules for its own proceedings, including the appointment of a chairman, a vice-chairman, and secretary, except as specifically provided elsewhere. The secretary shall keep a record of the meetings and shall report the minutes thereof to the council, pursuant to subsection (4) of this section. The city clerk shall prepare and distribute the agenda.

(2) Quorum. A majority of the membership of each board of committee shall constitute a quorum for conduct of business. A majority of the quorum shall be necessary for passage of motions unless otherwise stated in this article.

(3) Time of meetings. All boards, commissions and committees shall meet monthly unless otherwise stated in this article.

(4) Submission of reports. Each committee shall submit a written report of its minutes including all matters referred to it, unless a longer time is granted by vote of the council, and such report shall be entered in the proceedings. Such report shall recommend a definite action of the council on each item, shall be signed by the secretary of the committee and shall be filed with the clerk prior to each council meeting. Minority reports may be submitted.

(5) Notice of meetings. Previous notice of each committee meeting shall be filed with the clerk by the chairman, and each meeting shall be open to the public.

(6) Information from city officials. Any committee may require any city official to confer with it and supply information needed in connection with any matter pending before the committee by not less than 48 hours' notice.

(7) Committee reports. Committee reports shall be in accordance with the following:

  1. Any aye and nay vote shall be taken on each committee report immediately following its submission, provided that any alderperson may move for a separate vote on any item in the minutes of the committee report. Upon a majority vote of the council, upon such item separately, the alderperson requesting a separate vote shall move such action on the specific time he or she may deem appropriate. If such motion is defeated or does not obtain a second, the action taken by the committee shall be approved as provided in subsection (b) of this subsection.
  2. The approval of a committee report by the council shall comprise final action on any action approved by a council committee, except all ordinances and resolutions shall be voted on separately by the council.

(Code 1982, 2.11)