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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 4. Finance and Personnel

Sec. 4-66. Personnel policies.

(1) The city administrator, with the concurrence of the council, shall establish and maintain policies and procedures to provide for the uniform administration of a system of personnel management and professional methods to govern the recruitment, appointment, promotion, transfer, removals, conduct, discipline and welfare of employees and other aspects of employment with the city and to fulfill requirements of federal, state and local laws governing employment regulations.

(2) The provisions of the personnel policies of the city are applicable to all city employees with the exceptions of:

  1. The employees of the Marshfield Utility Commission, the community development authority and the board of trustees of the Marshfield Public Library; and
  2. Where otherwise governed by valid union contracts.

(3) Under the authority of the council of the City of Marshfield, the city administrator's office is assigned the responsibility of organizing, coordinating, communicating, interpreting and implementing City of Marshfield personnel policies and procedures as reflected in the city's policy and procedures manual.

(Code 1982, 3.15)