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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 5. Police Department

Sec. 5-01. Police department personnel.

(1) Enumerated. The police department shall operate on a full-time basis and shall consist of the chief of police and such sworn police officers as the fire and police commission may prescribe, together with such additional personnel authorized by the council.

(2) Salary; collection of fees. The chief and police officers shall receive a salary and benefits fixed by the council and shall not be entitled to any other compensation. All fees, bail deposits and other special remuneration of funds collected or received by the department or any officers thereof shall be deposited with the finance director not less than monthly.

(3) Tenure of chief and police officers. The chief of police shall be appointed by the board of fire and police commissioners of the city and shall hold office during good behavior, subject to suspension or removal by the board as provided by 62.13 Wis. Stats. Subordinates shall be appointed by the chief of police, subject to approval by the fire and police commission, and shall be suspended, reduced or removed only as provided in 62.13 Wis. Stats.

(Code 1982, 4.01)