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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 5. Police Department

Sec. 5-02. Chief of police; duties and powers.

(1) The chief of police shall possess the powers, enjoy the privileges and be subject to the liabilities conferred and imposed by law upon marshals and constables.

(2) He shall obey all lawful written orders of the fire and police commission.

(3) He shall cause the public peace to be preserved and see that all laws and ordinances of the city and state are enforced; and whenever any violation thereof comes to his knowledge, he shall cause the requisite complaint to be made and see that the evidence is procured for the successful prosecution of the offender.

(4) He shall exercise supervisory control over all department personnel and may adopt, subject to the approval of the fire and police commission, rules and regulations for the government, discipline, equipment and uniforms of police officers.

(5) He shall be solely responsible for the care and condition of the equipment used by his department.

(6) He shall keep an accurate and complete record of all complaints, arrests, traffic violations, convictions and dispositions of the department.

(Code 1982, 4.02)