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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 5. Police Department

Sec. 5-05. Adult school crossing guards.

(1) Establishment, membership and compensation. The city shall employ such number of adult school crossing guards and alternates as are determined by the council. Such guards shall be hired by the city in accordance with its standard personnel procedures, and shall be paid such compensation as the council may determine from time to time. The school crossing guards shall be under the supervision of the chief of police and his designees.

(2) Purpose, duties and powers. The school crossing guards shall aid and assist grade school children in crossing busy streets within the city, at such intersections as shall be designated by the chief of police. The school crossing guards shall have no powers as police officers, but shall be entitled to wear such uniforms and insignia as may be deemed necessary by the chief of police. Such uniforms and insignias shall be provided by the city.

(3) Training, regulations. The chief of police shall establish such rules, regulations and training for the effective and efficient operation of the school crossing guards as he deems necessary in order to accomplish the purpose set forth in this section.

(Code 1982, 4.06)