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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 6. Fire Protection

Sec. 6-21. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates to the contrary, the following terms shall have the following definitions:

Accessory building means any building not used for human occupancy and which is physically separated from buildings intended for human occupancy.

Approved means acceptable to the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

Emergency means a fire, explosion or hazardous condition that poses an immediate threat to the safety of life or damage to property.

Existing condition means any situation, circumstance or process that was ongoing or in effect prior to the effective date of the ordinance from which this chapter derives.

Fire hazard means any situation, process, material or condition that, on the basis of applicable data, may cause a fire or explosion or provide a ready fuel supply to augment the spread or intensity of the fire or explosion and that poses a threat to life or property.

Fire protection system means any fire alarm device or system, or fire extinguishing device or system, or combination thereof, designed and installed for detecting, controlling or extinguishing a fire or otherwise alerting occupants, the fire department or both that a fire has occurred.

Hazardous means a condition, circumstance, or combination of factors which create a substantial risk or danger of causing damage or injury to persons or property.

High-rise building means a building more than 60 feet in height. Building height shall be measured from the lowest level of fire department vehicle access to the floor of the highest occupiable story.

Immediately hazardous means a hazardous condition which creates a risk of imminent injury or damage to persons and property, such that remedial action cannot reasonably be delayed.

Incident commander means the fire department official in charge of an emergency incident.

Isolated storage means storage in a different storage room or in a separate and detached building located at a safe distance.

Key box means a container of a type approved by the Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department installed in an accessible location for the purpose of containing keys to gain necessary access to areas of the premises.

May is a term used to state a permissive use or alternative method to a specific requirement.

One-and two-family dwellings include buildings containing not more than two dwelling units in which each living unit is occupied by members of a single family with no more than three outsiders, if any, accommodated in rented rooms.

Permit means a document issued by the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department for the purpose of authorizing performance of a specified activity.

Private building means a building, or that portion of a building, that is normally not frequented by, nor open to, the public.

Process means the manufacturing, handling, blending, conversion, purification, recovery, separation, synthesis or use, or any combination, of any commodity or material regulated by this chapter.

Public way means any street, alley or other similar parcel of land essentially open to the outside air, deeded, dedicated or otherwise permanently appropriated to the public for public use and having a clear width and height of not less than ten feet.

Shall indicates a mandatory requirement.

Special structure means any structure located on real property which is not for human occupancy and which is physically separated from buildings used for human occupancy. Special uses shall include, but not be limited to, events or occurrences where life threatening safety situations or fire hazards exist or are likely to exist as determined by the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

Standard means a document containing only mandatory provisions using the word "shall" to indicate requirements. Explanatory material may be included only in the form of "fine print" notes, in footnotes or in an appendix.

Standpipe system means an arrangement of piping, valves, hose connections and allied equipment installed in a building or structure with the hose connections located in such a manner that water can be discharged in streams or spray patterns through attached hoses and nozzles, for the purpose of extinguishing a fire and so protecting a building or structure and its contents in addition to protecting the occupants. This is accomplished by connections to water supply systems or by pumps, tanks and other equipment necessary to provide an adequate supply of water to hose connections.

Street means any public thoroughfare (road, avenue, boulevard) 30 feet or more in width that has been dedicated or deeded to the public for public use and is accessible for use by the fire department in fighting fire. Enclosed spaces and tunnels, even though used for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, are not considered streets for the purposes of this chapter.

Structure means that which is built or constructed. The term "structure" shall be construed as if followed by the words "or portion thereof."

Summarily abate means to immediately judge a condition to be a fire hazard to life or property and to order immediate correction of such condition.

System means several items of equipment assembled, grouped or otherwise interconnected for the accomplishment of a purpose or function.

Written notice means a notification in writing delivered in person to the individual or parties intended or delivered at or sent by certified or registered mail to the last residential or business address of legal record.

(Code 1982, 5.21; Ord. No. 1000, 1, 2, 11-11-2003)