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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 6. Fire Protection

Sec. 6-23. Wisconsin Administrative Code sections adopted.

The following sections in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, as now written and as hereafter amended, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this chapter as if fully set forth in this chapter. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any such administrative code provision incorporated in this section by reference is required or prohibited by this chapter. Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the Wisconsin Administrative Code provisions incorporated in this section are intended to be made part of this Code: Wisconsin Administrative Code SPS 304; SPS 305; SPS 307; SPS 309; SPS 310; SPS 314; SPS 328; SPS 330; SPS 340; SPS 360—366; SPS 370 and SPS 375-379; NFPA 20, 1999 edition; NFPA 24, 2002 edition; and NFPA 25, 2002 edition.

(Code 1982, 5.24; Ord. No. 1220, 1, 2-28-2012)