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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 6. Fire Protection

Sec. 6-34. Fire sprinkler and protection systems.

(1) Fire protection systems, including sprinkler systems, shall be installed and maintained as required by 101.14 Wis. Stats. and state regulations pursuant thereto. The department may promulgate additional rules and regulations regarding sprinklers and fire protective systems, based on circumstances and uses specific to the premises in the community. Prior to installing fire sprinkler systems, hose connection piping and/or standpipe systems a permit shall be obtained from the Marshfield Fire Rescue Department. A permit is also required when upgrading systems when ten or more heads are added to an existing system.

(2) A fee of $250.00 for any building of up to 50,000 square feet, $350.00 for any building over 50,000 square feet and a fee of $250.00 for any upgrade of a current system when ten or more heads are added to the system shall be submitted to the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department prior to issuance of a permit. Three copies of sprinkler plans and three hydraulic calculations shall be submitted along with the permit application prior to obtaining an approved permit.

(3) An additional $100.00 shall be charged for all fire protection plans that are incomplete or inaccurate, and that must be corrected and resubmitted to the department for approval.

(Ord. No. 1000, 3, 11-11-2003; Ord. No. 1047, 1, 4-26-2005)