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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 7. Emergency Management

Sec. 7-03. Emergency management deputy director.

(1) Appointment. The emergency management deputy director shall be the mayor. The police chief and fire chief shall act as assistant deputy directors, and shall have such duties as may be delegated by the city management plan.

(2) Duties and authority. The duties and the authority of the deputy director shall be as set forth in the emergency management ordinance for Wood County, adopted in this chapter by reference. The deputy director shall also:

  1. Direct participation of the municipality in such emergency management training programs and exercises as may be required on the county level or by the state administrator.
  2. Direct the municipal emergency management training programs and exercises.
  3. Perform all administrative duties necessary for the rendering of reports and procurement of federal funds.
  4. In case of a state of emergency proclaimed by the governor, direct the activities of the emergency management organization.

(Code 1982, 6.03)