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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 9. Licenses and Permits

Sec. 9-59. Tobacco license.

(1) License required. Pursuant to 134.65 Wis. Stats., no person shall engage in the retail sale of cigarettes, cigars or any other tobacco product, without first obtaining a license to engage in such sales.

(2) Fees. The fee for a license to engage in tobacco products sales shall be $100.00 for each sales location.

(3) Additional location. Each separate vending machine for sale of tobacco products shall require a separate license, unless collocated with another machine or in a licensed premises where such products are sold over the counter.

(4) Supervision. All vending machines for sale of tobacco products shall be located in clear view of a person in charge of such premises, who shall be responsible for controlling sales of such products, and specifically to ensure compliance with 134.66 Wis. Stats., restricting sale of tobacco products to any person under the age of 18 years.

(Ord. No. 953, 2(12.09), 1-22-2002)