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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 1. Construction and Effect of Ordinances

Sec. 1-06. Repeal of general ordinances.

Upon adoption of this Municipal Code all ordinances heretofore adopted by the council are hereby repealed, except all ordinances or parts of ordinances relating to the following subjects and not conflicting with any of the provisions of this Code:

  1. The issuance of corporate bonds and notes of the city of whatever name or description.
  2. The establishment of grades, curblines and widths of sidewalks in the public streets and alleys.
  3. The fixing of salaries of public officials and employees.
  4. Rights, licenses or franchises or the creation of any contract with the city.
  5. The lighting of streets and alleys.
  6. The annexation of territory to the city.
  7. The naming and changing of names of streets, alleys, public grounds and parks.
  8. The letting of contracts without bids.
  9. The establishment of aldermanic districts, aldermanic district boundaries and election precincts.
  10. Tax and special assessment levies.
  11. Releases of persons from liability.
  12. Construction of public works.
  13. Water, sewer and electric rates, rules and regulations and sewer and water main construction.
  14. Budget ordinances, resolutions and actions.
  15. Charter ordinances of the City of Marshfield.
  16. Traffic regulations for specific streets or portions thereof of specific areas.

(Code 1982, 25.05)