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Hotel & Motel Fire Safety

What is the hotel & motel fire safety act of 1990?

The Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990, Public Law 101-391, is an Act of Congress aimed, improving fire safety in hotels, motels, and other places of public accommodation.

What are the requirements of the act?

The Act states that Federal employees, when on official, travel, should stay in fire-safe accommodations. Each Federal agency must ensure at least 90% of travel nights are spent in such properties. Some agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), require 100% of travel nights to be spent in approved accommodations. Similarly, conferences, seminars, and other meeting funded in whole or in part with Federal fund must be held at facilities with fire-safe accommodations.

What are fire-safe accommodations?

For the purposes of this Act, every guestroom in hotel or motel must have an AC-powered smoke detector. These are commonly called hard-wired. The detector must be installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 72. A detector that is solely battery-powered is not acceptable An AC-powered detector with battery backup desirable, but not required. If the building more than three stories in height, it must also have a UL automatic sprinkler system. Systems installed before October 25, 1992, and meeting whatever local code was in effect at the time are acceptable, provided there is at least one sprinkler head in every guestroom. Sprinkler systems installed on or after that date must me NFPA Standard 13 or 13R.

How can I tell if a hotel/motel is fire-safe?

The U.S. Fire Administration compiles a list of properties. For purposes of the Act, fir means listed in the National Master List of Safe Hotels and Motels. The List is available the Web at or call (301)447-1820, or consult the Official Airline Guide or the Federal Travel Directory.

What is the advantage to a hotel or motel to become listed?

Listed properties can put up Federal government employees and federally funded conferences. This should provide a significant incentive to be eligible a share of the Federal government's at $25,000,000,000 travel expenditures. Business will not be available to non-I properties.

How does a hotel get listed?

A hotel must apply for listing. There is no charge for listing. Just a one-page application form from the USFA website by calling the phone number below. Fill out form and mail to Project Officer, Hotel & N. Fire Safety, U.S. Fire Administration, 16825(South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727. You may fax it to the fax number listed (301)447-1102.

Who approves the hotel/motel?

In each State, the Governor appointed an official to give or deny approval for a property requesting to be included in the Master List. Usually, official is the State Fire Marshal or his designee. A list of State Project Officers is also available at the USFA website. If approved by the State Project Officer, USFA will add the property the Master List.

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