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Fire Department

Surviving a Large Fire

How to Get Out Safely
  1. Stay calm so you can think clearly.

  2. If door is closed, feel it from bottom to top, as well as the knob. If either is cool, you may open the door.

  3. Brace foot and shoulder against the door and open slowly. If there is light smoke, crouch low and crawl to the nearest exit with a wet cover over your nose and mouth.

  4. Stay low to avoid smoke/toxic gases that collect on ceilings.

  5. Close all doors behind you.

  6. Never use an elevator.

  7. Call the fire department. Never go back and get anything!

If You Are Trapped

  1. Don't panic! If you exert yourself, you will breathe faster and take in more smoke/toxic gases that can burn your lungs or cause you to become unconscious.

  2. Feel door from bottom to top and knob. If hot or warm, stuff clothing/towels in the cracks to keep out the smoke/toxic gases.

  3. Open a window at the top to let out heat/smoke collecting on the ceiling. Open window at the bottom and bend down to breathe in fresh air. Never open a window if smoke is rising from a lower floor.

  4. Stand by the window, waving something, and wait for rescue.

If You Catch Fire

  1. STOP where you are. Moving or running feeds air to the flames and worsens the fire.

  2. DROP to the floor. If you stand up, the fire can burn your face. Fold your arms high on your chest to protect your face.

  3. ROLL slowly on the floor or ground, or in a rug or blanket, if you can.

  4. COOL off as soon as possible with water for first and second degree burns. For third degree burns, seek medical attention immediately.

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