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Historic Preservation

Marshfield Municipal Register of Historic Places

The Marshfield Municipal Register of Historic Places is a listing of properties that have local historical significance.  For consideration on the local register, the property needs to be recommended by the Historic Preservation Committee and Plan Commission and then approved by the City Council.  This designation can be based on its architectural standards, the significance of a former resident, the designer, or the builder.  Under Marshfield’s Municipal Code, Section 18-131, to be designated as “historic” the structure, site or district should:

·         Historic Site Designation (59 KB)

View properties on the Marshfield Municipal Register of Historic Places.

View List of Historic Properties on the Local, State and National Registers.

·         Exemplify or reflect the broad cultural, political, economic or social history of the nation, state, or community;

·         Be identified with historic persons or with important events in national, state, or Marshfield history;

·         Embody the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or period, style, method of construction or of indigenous materials or craftsmanship; or

·         Be representative of the notable work of a master builder, designer or architect whose work was influential.

Would you like to add your property to the local historic register? The Historic Site Designation is the first step. Complete this application and submit it to the Historic Preservation Committee for consideration.

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Historic Preservation


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