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Meet the Screech Owls at Wildwood Zoo


We have two screech owls at our zoo.  Meenie and Mo have been at the zoo since 2005.  Screech owls come in two color phase - red and gray.  Mo is red and Meenie is gray.  Both owls were wild birds that were found with eye damage.  Since they had eye damage, they could not be released back to the wild. Owls rely heavily on both hearing and eyesight to hunt for food. Eye damage would make hunting difficult for them in the wild and their chances of surviving would be slim.

Screech owls are small owls that are found throughout the United States.  They are only about the size of an American Robin when they are full-grown.  

There are two distinct subspecies of Screech Owls in the U.S: Eastern and Western Screech Owls.  Eastern Screech Owls also come in two different colors: red and gray.  Eastern Screech Owls can be found in any habitat with trees, whether that is out in the wild or in an urban area.  Because Screech Owls are so small, they also eat very small prey items.  They like to eat insects, crayfish, earthworms, songbirds, rodents.


Screech Owl Range in North America

 Screech Range

For more information, please visit The Owl Pages.

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