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Meet the Sandhill Cranes at Wildwood Zoo


Chevor is a male Sandhill Crane who was born May 20th, 1999 at the Racine Zoo.   He lives with two of his crane friends, Tim and Sam.

Chevor and his friends are grey in color, while a lot of the wild cranes you see around Marshfield may be more of a red or rust-colored.  This is because nesting Sandhills will preen their feathers with reddish-colored mud to help camouflage them while they are sitting on the nest.

Chevor is our most outgoing and social sandhill crane.  Typically, he awaits feeding time patiently and greets his keepers at the gate.  He is very vocal and communicates often with his fellow cranes, Tim and Sam.

All three of our cranes are from different places.  Chevor was raised in a zoo and he has his wings clipped so he can’t fly away.  Tim and Sam are both wild birds that were sent to rehabilitation centers.  Both Tim and Sam favor one wing and were unable to be released back in the wild because of their injuries. This is how they came to us at Wildwood Zoo.

The cranes share their enclosure with the zoo's turkey vulture, Henry.


Sandhill Crane Range in North America

 Sandhill Range

For more information, please visit the International Crane Foundation.

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