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Meet the Turkey Vulture at Wildwood Zoo


Henry is a male turkey vulture who was born in the wild.  He was found in the Baraboo Bluffs with a non-repairable right wing injury. Henry is friendly and likes to follow zoo visitors as they pass by the exhibit.

Turkey Vultures are large birds that feed on carrion (the remains of animals that have died).  Vultures have very few feathers on their necks and heads.  While this may appear very strange-looking, this is actually a good thing.  It allows vultures to feed on dead animals without getting any parasites or diseases from the dead animal.  Turkey vultures are also unique in that they have a very good sense of smell.  There are only a couple other birds in North America that are even able to smell at all.


Turkey Vultue Range in North America 

Vulture Range

For more information, please visit the Turkey Vuture Society.

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