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Meet the Tundra Swan at Wildwood Zoo


Here at our zoo, we have one tundra swan.  It's wings are clipped it cannot fly away and leave the zoo.  We do not know if Lollipop is a male or female swan. Lollipop was given to the zoo in 2011. 

Tundra swans, also known as whistling swans, are huge birds; in fact they are one of the largest native waterfowl species in North America.  They are about 4 feet tall and have an almost 6-foot wingspan!  Tundra swans breed in the frozen tundra of Canada.  They migrate through Wisconsin every year on their way to their wintering grounds on the Atlantic coast.  Tundra swans are grazers and like to eat grass and underwater vegetation.  Their numbers are increasing through North America.


Tundra Swan Range in North America

 Tundra Range

For more information, please visit KWIC.

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